About Us

Premier Property Maps (PPM) is a division of World Impressions, Inc. (WI) and publishes high-quality maps, guides and magazines of many types and locations.

PPM and WI publishes in markets including: Real Estate, Travel/Tourism, Sports, Education and Fundraising. Many of our published items can be seen at:www.naattractionscouncil.org

PPM provides Relocation Guide-Maps (PNG) with extensive local home-improvement contractor information. PPM distributes 1000's of PNG FREE to real estate professionals, mortgage/title companies, home-improvement contractors and others who distribute our PNG to property buyers/sellers.

Additionally, PPM is now publishing the Patented REAL ESTATE & MAPS RELOCATION MAGAZINE (REM). The REM is State-of-the-Art, multiple-media publication that combines the relocation utility of the PNG and intrigue of a Real Estate magazine. A REM may be seen at:http://www.premierpropertymaps.com/rem/rem.php

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PPM provides these services: